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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Some may think it’s pretty neat,

But I just think its’s strange,

That there are people in the street

Protesting climate change,

Demanding that reality

Conform to how they view it

And thinking politicians

Have the tools with which to do it.

Meanwhile, folks RSVP’ed

To commit a federal crime

Via Facebook, storming Area 51.

(This stanza ends with a rhyme)

I think that this September

Is as dumb as a month can get,

But then I smile and remember…

It hasn’t ended yet.

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The Drone Wars

So a guy tries to deliver
A bomb via a drone,
But is unable to do the deed.
What if he’d followed through
And the the plan was completed?
There’s only one conclusion. We need:

Anti-drone drones!
An unmanned defense
Against those unmanned bombers who fly.
All that’s required
Is a trillion or so
And the want for a drone-colored sky.

Overreacting? Maybe a bit,
But I wouldn’t be surprised by it.

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