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That Time Of The Month

I saw her in a shady bar

And decided to go a step too far.

I invited her out into my car

Beneath the full white moon.

We did about what you’d expect.

It was so wrong yet so correct.

We surely were not circumspect

And afterwards slept ’til noon.

And when at twelve I done awoke

I very nearly had a stroke

For beside me was a bearded bloke

Where before there’d been a lady.

That moment’s when I’d realize

That full white moon caused the disguise.

I’d fallen prey to a Werewoman’s lies.

Now the bars I go to are less shady.


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Full Moon

I heard yo’ mama’s missing.

Where she’s gone is rather dull.

Let’s just say the moon was hungry

But tonight the moon is full.

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The Werewife

‘Twas a full moon

And the night-things were howling.

I was iff on my own

‘Cause my girlfriend was scowling.

She’s usually laid back, 

Accepting, and kind

But once every month

She goes out if her mind.

She nags and she whimpers.

She speaks only commands.

Her heart freezes over

And she speaks with her hands.

I’ve put the time on my calendar;

I am no fool.

When the werewife awakens

It’s time to leave and play pool.

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