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Heaven Is Real

This world of ours has beauty

Hidden where you’d least expect.

There’s a chance for redemption

In every life that ends up wrecked.

In every gray face on the corner,

In every drop the clouds can cry,

There’s a way for you to heal

If you only choose to try.

So when the sun stops shining

Take comfort in the shade.

The beauty in the pink of dawn

Is equal to when day fades.

Eagles think they’re falling

When they first learn how to fly.

Love is all around us,

Not just in some beholders eye.

The world has many faces.

Close your eyes, the faces stay.

Whatever you think of the world

It doesn’t change its way.

Regardless of what you may believe

The truth is always true.

If you don’t believe in Heaven,

Heaven still believes in you.


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Seriously, Just Don’t! It Takes A Certain Charisma And/Or Unusual Size

Why must titans always clash?

Why can’t they just get along?

Titans could have tea and cake.

What about that is so wrong?

Why must titans always fight?

There’s other things for them to do

Like fly a pretty titan kite,

Play titan games, or make a stew.

If you’re a titan reading this

En route to your next clashing spot

Please know that you are not defined

By your ability to crush a big robot.

And if you’re a non-titan bloke

Just casually reading ’cause you’re bored

Don’t try to unclash titans too

‘Cause most likely you’ll just be ignored.

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My Religious Beliefs

“Chickens don’t believe in God

“So chickens go to Hell.”

That’s what Grandma told me

And so far it’s served me well.

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Life is an event

That happens to us all.

Some lives end in greatness

While others are extras

In a George Lucas story.

As for me…

I’m a rebel poet,

The greatest George Lucas extra

Who ever got too tired to rhyme.

You only get one life to take for granted;

Don’t waste the opportunity.

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My New Motto

If at first you don’t succeed,

LOL! Sucks to be you!

If at first I don’t succeed,

You’re dreaming. I’m perfect. All this is true.

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The Werewife

‘Twas a full moon

And the night-things were howling.

I was iff on my own

‘Cause my girlfriend was scowling.

She’s usually laid back, 

Accepting, and kind

But once every month

She goes out if her mind.

She nags and she whimpers.

She speaks only commands.

Her heart freezes over

And she speaks with her hands.

I’ve put the time on my calendar;

I am no fool.

When the werewife awakens

It’s time to leave and play pool.

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The Phases Of Enlightenment

When you are but a babe

Bursting forth from mother’s loins

You know nothing about the world,

Nor, in fact, about Des Moines.

But as you grow, you learn

That, for instance, Dad’s a plumber.

You grow forever wiser

While at the same time, dumber.

You learn at one, for instance

That your body must stay clean

And when you’re put in the sink

They’re not doing it to be mean.

At the age of six or seven

You move on from baths to showers,

But you take them very quickly,

Unlike teens, who go for hours.

And sometime around age 20

You maybe fall in love,

And find new uses for the shower

As well as for that rubber glove.

And maybe when you’re 40

Amidst your midlife lull

You realize the shower

Is a gender-neutral urinal.

And by the time you’re eighty

And, in the shower, you have to sit

You wonder if that urinal thing

Also goes for…

And there you are in a nursing home.

Your mind has gone for good.

Thus endeth your enlightenment,

Or so we knock on wood.

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