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Something Worth Fighting

Captain Daniel Anderson

Stood before the 3rd infantry

And called out, “Men, a moment!

“We’ll soon meet destiny.

“Be brave! Be bold! Remember

“That we served each other well.

“Now on we go to victory

“Or tonight we’ll dine in Hell!”

Well Captain Daniel Anderson

And the 3rd infantry fought

With tooth and nail, but doomed to fail;

Their efforts came to naught.

So once again he called out

“We did all that we could do.”

Then they sat for dinner

At a party thrown by you.

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What Being The Coolest Kid In 3rd Grade Sounds Like

Go-Gurt is yogurt

That’s put in a sleeve.

Here’s a tube of “Away Bro…”

Now why don’t you leave?

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“I” Pronounced “E,” In This Case Before “Le”

I looked for better deals

For my monthly cell phone plan.

Some offers good, others not,

There was a terrific span.

But the ad from Virgin Mobile

Was the one that caught my eye.

It was a picture of my car;

“Read our name again and cry.”

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Why I Don’t Rap

My glass chicken

Laid a Faberge egg.

Last night you laid your hand.

My cow produces

Golden milk.

My bull excretes your band.

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Ooh (with a silent H) Burn

Salmon has a silent L.

Nothing has a silent Q.

I wish I were like the word “vague,”

That is, with a silent U.

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Lawn Decorations

If I could buy a flower

For everybody bland

I’d buy dandelions.

That’s what happened to your land.

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Full Moon

I heard yo’ mama’s missing.

Where she’s gone is rather dull.

Let’s just say the moon was hungry

But tonight the moon is full.

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