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Confessions of an Art Professor

Sure, his work was childish

And adequate at best…

Did I give too much homework

Or too difficult a test?

Perhaps I judged too harshly…

I didn’t know I’d cause a fuss

When I told my student, Adolf,

That he’d earned a big D+

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She-Hulk, Attorney At Law

What if we made a TV show

For people who love manly heroes

That starred a green, feminist lawyer

And had a budget with multiple zeroes

Who lectures the characters we know and love

And faces no relevant threats?

Oh, and let’s call our core audience ‘bigots’

And see how many millions it nets!

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Hot In More Ways Than One?

I asked how hot the weather was

On a scale of one to ten,

But apparently that’s boring

So I rephrased and asked again:

“On a scale that starts at Poop

“And goes until my Sadie Sink

“How hot is it?” They said “Satan’s balls”

And now I don’t know what to think…

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Type A Vs. Type Hey!

Some people spend their lives

Trying hard to do things right,

Making perfectly circular pizzas

And working through the night.

Other people live their lives

By doing what is fun

Though the pizza ends up looking

Like art the family dog has done.

Perfectionists unite, I say

And make the rocket ships

While the do-it-my-way folks

Make new flavors for the chips.

The harmony is perfect

Though perfectionists will glare

Because the have-some-funners

Smile back without a care.

But if the pizza’s spherical

Instead of round and flat

Take a bite: It tastes all right

And you’re the first to make it that!

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He Was Not A Planner…

There once was a man from Tuskaloosa

Who had no fondness for his appaloosa.

Alas, ‘twas the only kind

Of rhyming thing he could find

So he packed up and moved to Des Moines.

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Because #Inclusion (Subverting Sexist Expectations Or Something?)

I always wanted a grandkid

With whom I could spend days

Holding, feeding, talking, reading,

And bonding in other ways.

When I got the call that said

“I’m pregnant,” I felt joy.

All that could make it better was if

The pregnant one was my little boy.

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“Thinks Before Speaking” Is An Underrated Job Skill

I lost my job this morning.

I was notified by text:

“Thanks for your time with us.

“Good luck on whatever comes next.”

I knew after I told my boss

My thoughts I couldn’t debate it…

“100 million sperm, and somehow

“You’re the one who made it?”

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Why IT Folks Have The Best Job Security

You hear me say, you hear me holler:

“Another day, another dollar.”

My boss says hey, my boss says “So,

“We bought a bot. You got to go.”

So I reply, so I concur:

“I don’t know why, but I guess sure.”

Then I left with a smile, since

My boss bought the bot from a Nigerian prince.

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Trust The Science

A while ago, a farmer

Would be thought a cause of harm

If he didn’t use asbestos

To fireproof his farm.

A while ago a woman

Who was pregnant and upset

Was told her pain would go away

With a tasty cigarette.

A while ago a baby

Was calm as calm could be,

Unbothered by those nasty flies

Thanks to some DDT.

They told them “Trust the science”

And “You’re selfish to abstain.”

So here we watch as history

Repeats itself again.

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Saving At The Pump

I met a lady buying gas

Who said her name was Penny.

There were ladies prettier,

But surely not too many.

As she was about to finish

Putting gas into her car

I saw her pull a lighter out

To ignite a cigar.

I rushed over and tackled her

Before the fire could start.

I explained why such a plan

Was neither safe nor smart.

I wish I could say that she

Would one day be my wife

Because I had wits quick enough

To save my Penny’s life…

But alas, the very next day

I wasn’t there, and she burned.

At least her cremation was free;

A Penny saved, a Penny urned.

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