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He looked in the mirror

And instead of his face

He saw someone worthy

Of goodness and grace;

A man who was useful,

Who’d given enough,

With bountiful beauty

Though his edges were rough;

A man that he knew

Deserved the fine feeling

That he could rise higher

Uncrushed by the ceiling;

A man who saw Heaven

In shelves left undusted,

Who hadn’t yet learned

It’s alright to be rusted;

A man who’d been beaten

Yet rose straight and tall

On the day he believed

It was his face after all.

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Sun is Fun, but Snow Makes You Grow

I look at a snowman,
Perhaps a snow woman.
Bad weather makes it grow stronger.
And its body’s packed tight
Or she’ll fall down alright.
The pressure ensures he’ll live longer.

And the warmth of the sun,
Great for comfort and fun
Inevitably hastens its demise.
It needs precipitation
Not a sunny vacation,
A lot like flesh people in my eyes.

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