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I Was Going To Have A Punchline About Skin Cancer, But This Might Be Even Worse

The sun is hot and bright today

And shared with me a warming ray

That made my pale indoor body

Turn pink and gold and very gaudy.

No matter how it made me feel

In a week that flesh will puff and peel

And I can throw the flesh that peels

At passerby. How good it feels!

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Sun is Fun, but Snow Makes You Grow

I look at a snowman,
Perhaps a snow woman.
Bad weather makes it grow stronger.
And its body’s packed tight
Or she’ll fall down alright.
The pressure ensures he’ll live longer.

And the warmth of the sun,
Great for comfort and fun
Inevitably hastens its demise.
It needs precipitation
Not a sunny vacation,
A lot like flesh people in my eyes.

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