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So Ended The Artistic Career Of Coal-Eyed Jack

Once a man who had no legs

And really skinny arms

Made a statue of himself.

He didn’t see the harm,

And so he rolled three balls of snow

And stacked them one by one

Until a rabbit ate his nose

And spoiled all the fun.

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This Snowman Had An Unusual Dream; You Won’t Believe His Request To Humanity!

I am an April snowman,

The last one of my kind.

My death is unavoidable

But honestly I don’t mind.

Death as I perceive it

Ain’t as bad as it might seem

Since to be a soggy carrot

Has, since childhood, been my dream.

Alas, I’m in Alaska

In the yukon, year-tound cold.

I’ve been around since Lincoln

Or so the story’s told.

My dreams seem unachievable

And thus I beg of you:

Please defund the EPA

And emit that CO2!

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Sun is Fun, but Snow Makes You Grow

I look at a snowman,
Perhaps a snow woman.
Bad weather makes it grow stronger.
And its body’s packed tight
Or she’ll fall down alright.
The pressure ensures he’ll live longer.

And the warmth of the sun,
Great for comfort and fun
Inevitably hastens its demise.
It needs precipitation
Not a sunny vacation,
A lot like flesh people in my eyes.

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