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Devil’s Advocate, Nuptial Parity Edition

A first drink or a first date

Can be first love or likewise hate.

A first kiss or first fight

Are blackness deep and endless light.

A first dance as man and wife

Will give you joy for all your life

Unless man/man or woman/woman you’re.

Then you’ll complain about this poem for sure.

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…Which Is In 52 Minutes Because Life

I’m grateful for my blessings.

I’m thankful for my friends.

My family’s a wellspring

Through which all my trouble ends.

I’ve so much joy I’ll lend it out

To those who need to borrow,

But I won’t express my gratitude;

I’m saving it for tomorrow.

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Flying Time

There comes a time,
From time to time,
When time passes too quickly.
Through times of joys
For girls and boys,
But not times that are sickly.

So I ask time
Just one more time
“Must you fly when we’re having fun?”
And in a timely way
Time did say
“I don’t if your joy’s never done.”

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