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Bob Dylan, Social Justice, and Math

Take the number of roads

A man must walk down

Before he can be called a man,

Then multiply that by negative 1

And you have the number of roads you need walk to be called trans.

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Catholicism Admits Defeat… But They’ll Be Back!

Father Paul, I write to you

Regarding brother Kyle.

He has not been remade anew

So likely you won’t smile:

His dog still fits his Gucci purse,

His favorite color’s aubergine,

His dream’s to be a male nurse,

And all his sentences end with “you know what I mean?”

His moisturizer smells like plum

And adds to his feng shui.

Of this I’m fairly certain:

We didn’t pray the gay away. 

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Devil’s Advocate, Nuptial Parity Edition

A first drink or a first date

Can be first love or likewise hate.

A first kiss or first fight

Are blackness deep and endless light.

A first dance as man and wife

Will give you joy for all your life

Unless man/man or woman/woman you’re.

Then you’ll complain about this poem for sure.

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Tag, Circa 2016

I used to think the male gender,

Was a role in which I fit.

I was happy being “he”

Until they said “you’re it.”

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Just a Thought

Many a person
has thought themselves straight.
They know better when they die.
Consider all the skeletons
That come out of the closet,
And who has skeletons? You and I.

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