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Wheb Dreabs Cobe True

As a kid I brushed my teeth

And dreamt of hockey fame.

I knew I’d be the greatest guy

To ever play the game.

I’d pass and score and block and fight

And win for many reasons

And earn a dozen Stanley Cups

And play for forty seasons!

So, four years old, I tied my skates

And pulled on my first sweater

And grabbed a stick and shin guards

Determined to get better.

I played left wing ’til high school

Then swapped to play the right.

I shot and passed and blocked a lot

And even had a fight!

I went to play in the NHL

And was drafted thirty-second.

The success that I’d achieved

Was better than I reckoned.

For sixteen years I scored the goals

And dropped the gloves and won.

I never got a Stanley Cup

But I had lots of fun!

And now I sleep, a different man,

Amidst the moonlit hush

Without the need for childish dreams

And without teeth to brush.

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Sports, From a Nerd’s Perspective

Some sports
Are played on courts
Others on fields or rinks.
Some play on pitches,
But I won’t rhyme with that.
(The reason is obvious, methinks).

Some balls are small
And don’t bounce at all
Others are not even spherical.
Some play with pucks,
‘Specially those Canucks.
This stuff’s proven, widely known, and empirical.

When you win, it’s a joy,
Perhaps more if you’re a boy,
But that debate’s for another occasion.
So yippee for sports
And those athletic sorts.
As for me, I’ll just solve this equation.

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