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Ode To A Misplaced Pineapple

Some days you are happy

And some days not so much,

Like when you’re buying groceries

Like bread and fruit and such,

And you put a bag down

And unbeknownst to you

A pineapple falls out upon

A chair not in your view.

Later, when you’re tired

From putting food away

You sigh and stretch and yawn

And then you murmur, “What a day.”

Some days you are miserable;

Some days you sing and dance.

Today I did both, for I sat without thinking

And also without wearing pants.

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Don’t Circum To Temptation

Circum is a prefix

Whose presence does effect

In many ways its second part,

For instance: Circumspect.

If Circum is added to

A position in a dance

You will find that you have made

A unique circumstance.

If instead you circum

A trip to another state

You might be delighted

That you can circumnavigate.

There are circum words

That most people can’t define

Like circumference and circumscribe

And circumquasiredefine.

But there’s a word that to circum

Would not be very wise.

You may have guessed by now

That that word, of course, is “size.”

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