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Degrees Of Sinfulness

I asked the preacher “Hey what if

“I steal a loaf of bread?”

The preacher answered “You’ll be judged

“In Heaven once you’re dead.”

I asked, “What if I kill somebody

“But I confess before I die?”

The preacher said “The Lord will judge

“If your intention is a lie.”

I asked, “What if I hog

“The bathroom before work?”

The preacher said, “You’ll go to Hell

You [Sinful language] jerk!”

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Saint Andrew Is Not Amused

Blasphemy is bad.

Blasphemy is wrong,

But set it to a salsa beat

And make a catchy song

And pierce your nose and beat your kids

And smoke cocaine out of a bong

And that’s why I got kicked out of my church.

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