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Passing The Bar?

The taps are flowing,

The music blares!

The mistakes pile up

But nobody cares.

New stories are heard

And new memories leave.

Every girl at the bar

Hears “sup girl? I’m Steve.”


Are out the door.

There’s one good answer

When they ask “one more?”

Bodies shimmy 

And booties shake!

Isn’t it joyful

At rationality’s wake?

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ET (2016)

I’m an ugly alien

Stranded in a foreign land,

My family a universe away.

This didn’t turn out like I planned.

Now I labor day and night

To find a way to contact home.

Thanks to the help of local youth

My labors led me to a phone.

A phone, I’ve found, is a device

On which your reputation grows

By means of posting stolen jokes

And NSFW photos.

There are a million methods of

Making heard the things you say.

You can give a one-star Yelp review

But post pics of your meal anyway.

It’s easy to become burned out

By the never-ending social slog,

But if you do, why not recover

By sharing your favorite poetry blog?

I checked Foursquare for where I am.

This “Earth” has left me entertained,

But I must flee in my Uber now

Before humans dissect my brain.

Thanks for all your efforts

To enumerate my clout.

And with that said, ET phones home.

Roflol, XO, Peace out!

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On the Correction of Humans

It’s come to my attention
That the world isn’t flawless.
People are ugly, stupid, poor,
Foreign, local, and/or lawless.

To fix this inconvenient fact
I’ve thought up a solution:
Let’s choose some perfect people
And write up a constitution

And bind those other people
Under government and law.
Isn’t it nice that this system
Doesn’t have any flaw?

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