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Passing The Bar?

The taps are flowing,

The music blares!

The mistakes pile up

But nobody cares.

New stories are heard

And new memories leave.

Every girl at the bar

Hears “sup girl? I’m Steve.”


Are out the door.

There’s one good answer

When they ask “one more?”

Bodies shimmy 

And booties shake!

Isn’t it joyful

At rationality’s wake?

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The Gingerbread’s Regrets

I told them to run, run, run.

In fact, I mercilessly taunted.

Alas the final result

Was nothing like what I wanted.

I did not fully consider

When all was said and done

The degree of just how slowly

We cookie-men can run.

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After the Rave

What is orange

And six feet tall

And smells like it is dead?

This isn’t a joke.

I’m asking you

Because one is in my bed.

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The Don’s Last Trust Fall

I’m a confident man

But sometimes I think,

“Maybe I’m wrong.”

“Maybe I’ll sink.”

Then I listen to the river

And I do what I must;

What’s the weight of lead shoes

Next to the strength of our trust?

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Today’s November first,
Which is National Candy Day.
You celebrate it by getting sick
And throwing your diet away.

You’ve tasted the rainbow plenty,
And if your pee isn’t purple yet
You can drive down to the grocer
For surplus, cheap as shet.

Today you do not feel guilt.
Just ignore the nausea,
Because capitalism depends on you
And post-costume nostalgia.

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