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Reel Me In Baby

When I’m with you

The sun shines brighter,

The water’s warmer,

My body’s lighter.

When I’m with you

I am flavorful, raw.

I just wish you’d get rid of

This hook in my jaw!

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The Bible, Basically

Every single second

Of every single day

You have the chance to change your life

And live a better way,

To turn off the autopilot

And let your thoughts run free,

To say goodbye to who you were

And welcome who you want to be.

Every single moment

In every person’s life

Comes with bits you wish would simply

Get impaled by a knife.

Sloth and greed and gluttony

Will leave you be, you’ll find,

If you toughen up and stab them

With the power of your mind.

You’re an amazing creature

Who can do amazing things.

You’re why the spider scurries

And you’re why the bluebird sings.

Your dreams can all be conquered

So show them you’re the dude!

Yours truly, God/Yweh.

Lol Jk you’re screwed!

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Face It… You Messed Up

I hired a plastic surgeon…

What a travesty! Where to begin?

Next time that I need fixing

I’ll pick a surgeon made of skin.

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