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Vanilla Is Popular For A Reason

Sometimes you fee like a pop tart,

But sometimes you’re generic toaster strudel.

Sometimes you’re the star of the kennel,

But sometimes you’re a Belgian poodle.

Sometimes you’re the Kleenex

Instead of Kirkland Signature facial tissue.

But on days you feel you’re generic

Know that it’s not a critical issue.


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Everything You Want To Know (But Were Too Scared To Ask)

Am I the only one

Who’s lonely at night,

Who drinks from the faucet,

Who doesn’t want to fight?
Am I the only one

Whose hot chocolate is made

Without any water

But instead lemonade?
Am I the only one

Whose blowholes get sore

When I inhale the air

That you buy at the store?
If you’re ever unsure

If you’re normal or weird

Know that I’m right there with you

And so is my beard.

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