Zombies in the Movies

I think zombies are romantic

And want to woo each other

With a dinner and a movie

Before they meet their partner’s mother

But the zombies get so busy

With the “having dinner part”

That they never get to see a piece

Of cinematic art.

If we give a discount

To the undead, I suspect

There will be a sharp decrease

In the number of lives they wrecked.

We need to get our zombies

To fulfill their hearts’ desires

So welcome them with open arms

Instead of killing them with fires.


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2 responses to “Zombies in the Movies

  1. Seriously, it’s time to put the Zombies first. They have more brains than we do.


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    • True zombie facts:
      1: Zombies are carbon-neutral
      2: Zombies are never late to pay their bills
      3: Zombies never litter
      4: Zombies don’t support corrupt political figures
      5: Zombies don’t judge you based on sex, race, appearance, or social status…

      I could go on…


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