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Was That A Buzz? Could Be Important…

Smell the golden ocean’s breeze,

See the twinkling distant shore.

The flashing red of car brakes

Shine like Christmas at sunset.

The city’s sound is footsteps

On a snowy concrete floor.

And in that eternal moment

Life’s as good as it can get.

The Gods look down in wonder

From wherever they may be

And the windy shaking cedars

Loose a low ecstatic moan.

And in that time and space is love

For all the world to see

Except for all the people

Who think “I should check my phone.”

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It Sounded Better In My Head

Here eyes were like flowers

In April’s sweet bloom,

Like a tropical bird

Viewed through 8x digital zoom,

Like tiny galaxies

Filled by the purest of bliss.

This was a chance

Which I just couldn’t miss.

And so I approached her,

Her eyes locked with mine.

I said “Hi! I’m David.”

She said “I’m Caroline.”

I said “your eyes are wondrous.

“They belong in a museum!”

My court date’s this Friday

If you want to come see ’em.

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