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Birth, Youth, Life, Dying, Hell

To buy a shiny dump truck toy;

The dream of every little boy.

A loud and topless red machine;

The dream of every male teen.

A pickup and a minivan;

A father, yes, but still a man.

A growling beaut older than he;

A man who can no longer see.

An environmentally friendly car;

Wait, f*** that s***! You’ve gone too far!

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After The Birth

In a bloody mass of who-knows-what

A tiny terror meets the world

The doctor slaps it on the butt

Then gives it to you, warm and curled.

Ten years later it has grown fangs

A whirling aura of disease,

It looks so cute behind its bangs,

But that hair is full of lice and fleas.

It makes a noise that never stops,

A high pitched whine, a piercing cry.

Alas, it seems to call you “pops”

So you cannot wish that it will die.

Someday it will become a beast

That eats your food and drives your car.

All your boundaries will be pushed

Until it knows its gone too far.

And then it leaves, all big and grown

Perhaps to university.

You wonder how the time has flown

Until it moves back in with a degree.

After a while it gets a job,

You get gray hair and shrink a bit,

And then you die and people sob

And people bury you and shit.

Your lives are done, your beast is weaned,

You’ve given all the vital talks.

Now from the grave you proudly beam

And watch the dryer eat its socks.

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