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Birth, Youth, Life, Dying, Hell

To buy a shiny dump truck toy;

The dream of every little boy.

A loud and topless red machine;

The dream of every male teen.

A pickup and a minivan;

A father, yes, but still a man.

A growling beaut older than he;

A man who can no longer see.

An environmentally friendly car;

Wait, f*** that s***! You’ve gone too far!

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East/West > North

When I grow up

I’ll be famous and rich,

Just like the writer

Of “Lilo and Stitch.”

I’ll be a performer

Or some type of magnate.

I’ll be a leader, a champion…

It’ll be great!

Growing up’s so exciting

I’m just ready to burst!

On the other hand, maybe

I’ll grow sideways a bit first… 

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Neverland is Here

A child once asked
What the word “adult” means.
I answered “It’s someone
Grown out of their teens.”

“So just like a grown up!”
The kid clarified,
And I felt my innards
Knotting up inside

For I knew that tiny figure
Holding onto his sippy cup
Would be forced to discover
Most adults never grow up.

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