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When People Write In Nothing But Emojis

The longest month of springtime,

A ball that helps you see,

A band with too much makeup,

And a goat we named “Marie.”

I meant to be romantic

But she had no clue

That I was simply asking

“May I kiss you?”


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A Primer On Common-Sense Human Interaction (Pt. 1/3)

If you say “Hi”

And get no reply

It could be no one heard you.

If you say “Hi”

And they say “Die”

It’s likely they’ve abjured you.

If you say “Hi”

And they ask “Why?”

Then now’s your time to talk,

And if, to “Hi”

They only sigh

Perhaps you’d better walk.

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Nursing School, 1st Percentile

Sorry that you’ve got the flu.
I hate it when you’re sick,
So I’ve taken steps to fix you
And make your healing quick.

I made you chicken-nyquil soup
And took your temperature.
I bought you prunes to help you poop
And Web-MD’ed a cure.

I put damp cloths on your forehead
And made a pot of tea.
Here are more blankets for your bed.
You’re lucky to have me!

But still you need for one last thing?
Privacy, peace, and quiet?
Sounds good! I’ll put some music on
And wait here while you try it.

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Noah Misheard

I’ve done it! I’ve built it!
The world’s greatest zoo.
Not a species is missing.
God, I did it for you.

This park is so glorious
And my heartstrings are straining.
We might even get customers
If it stops all this raining.

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