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Sue Can Empathize

I used to be a beat cop

For the city of LA,

Busting heads and taking names

And shutting crooks away.

I had a code of honor

That would supersede the law…

That was me, the sexy renegade,

The American Eagle’s claw.

But though I stood at six-foot-ten

And had zero body fat,

Had six-pack abs and a .44 mag,

A badge and all of that

I knew my name was whispered

In every darkened alley

And I still could not see why

My parents chose to name me “Sally.”

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Foot Fuzz

“Quickly, quickly,
Get in the car!
We haven’t a moment to lose!”

“I’d love to partner,
But as you can see
I’ve forgotten to wear any shoes.”

Those are some words
I never have heard
In all of my years on the force.

So you can see my chagrin
When the rookie’s foot skin
Is visible. No shoes, of course.

So I lent him the pair
I keep under my chair
And we left to capture some crooks.

And the rookie’s so lucky
That he’s happy and plucky,
And his shoelessness stayed off the books.

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