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When/If I Find Love

I reserved us a table

At Chez Fantastique,

Unparalleled class,

Unquestionably chic.

 I wanted to give

Only the best to you,

But alas with me

Guess a dinner will do.

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The Dinner Date

Socializing’s when you find

People you dislike the least

And gather anxiously

To waste money on a feast

While imbibing neurotoxins

To make the evening fun

Then compete to talk the most

Until you all agree “we’re done.”

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What Happened To The Elder Gods, Vol. 1

A chicken divine

Made entirely of gold

With a mind to cure cancer

And which never gets old

That makes a girl fall in love

And a man squeal like a dork

Looks as lovely as can be

As I stab it with my fork.

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