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When Your Eternal Soul Is An Introvert

Being human is great

But the best thing to be

Reincarnated as

(According to me)

Is the inside part

Of the roof of a home

‘Cause you aren’t at all sentient

And people leave you alone.



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The Honest Politician’s Prayer

I am a tree without a trunk,

A neck without a spine,

A car without a chassis,

A roller coaster with no line.

I’m an eskimo in Florida,

Someone humble in LA.

You’ve probably never seen me

And it’ll probably stay that way.

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The Dinner Date

Socializing’s when you find

People you dislike the least

And gather anxiously

To waste money on a feast

While imbibing neurotoxins

To make the evening fun

Then compete to talk the most

Until you all agree “we’re done.”

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