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Were Their Deaths For Nothing?!

Many chickens died today

To feed both me and you.

That makes me feel a little bad

For cooking turkey stew.

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What Happened To The Elder Gods, Vol. 1

A chicken divine

Made entirely of gold

With a mind to cure cancer

And which never gets old

That makes a girl fall in love

And a man squeal like a dork

Looks as lovely as can be

As I stab it with my fork.

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I Am Chicken

I am chicken:
Hear me roar.
Feeding me
Is a daily chore.
Every fancy
Meat you see
Tastes exactly
Just like me.

I am chicken
With great legs.
I’m a prolific donor
Of my eggs.
Which came first
I cannot say,
But people ask me
Every day.

I am chicken,
But do not scoff:
I can outrun you
With my head cut off.
Call me cowardly
And you’ll have strife indeed.
You’ll awake to my call
And be paid with my feed.


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What If

What if chickens had no wings
And skin instead of feathers
And human legs and feet and heads
And wore clothing made from leather?

What if chickens were actually humans
But disguised as mindless poultry?
I don’t know what my conclusion is,
But I hope it’s something sultry.


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The Stuff of Gods

Zeus likes keeping animals

Behind enclosure walls.

Ares is the God of war,

And busts a lot of balls.


Uranus is an deity

Who you can always say is yours,

And when the thunder God gets chicken pox

He becomes covered in Thors.


Muslims think that poultry

Is an animal about which to sing,

Because they worship Allah,

And with chicken Allah’s king.


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