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A Lie Detector Poem

Such is the river adamant:

Neither deep

Nor swift upon the rocks

Of misunderstanding,

Nor should she nod

When it means “optic nerve,”

Or so the sages said.

Two times the wolf.

Two times the narrator.

So why is this a lie detector?

Just read this to someone and ask them what it means to them.

If they say “it’s crap,” congratulations! You have an honest friend.

If they say “the bit about the wolf was chilling” (or anything else, for that matter) you have a suck up, a liar, or (worst of all) a PhD on your hands.


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For fourteen dollars and fifteen hours

I can buy some wood and plastic towers

And with the help of a hammer, saw,

Electric drill, and my guitaw

I can make a TV stand

That I created by my own hand.
For fifteen dollars and sixteen minutes

I can buy a stand already finished.

I’ll assemble it with an alan wrench,

Then maybe also build a bench.

But the pride of doing is better than haste.

Besides, can’t let those towers go to waste!

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