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Knowledge =/= Power

I know how to love my neighbor.

I know how to win a fight.

I know how to hold my ground

And not back down from what is right.

I know how to give a speech

And how to help a friend in need.

I know how to make love grow

From what was but a tiny seed.

I know how to be myself.

I know how one’s heart forgives.

I know how to stoke the fire

Which in my soul forever lives.

I know how to have no fear

And hold myself in high regard.

The only problem I can see

Is everything I know is hard.

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Almost Educated

I never learned how to sew,
So my homemaking skills are so-so,
But I know “two” from “to,”
And I even learned “too,”
So I guess you reap what you so.

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