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Thus, Words With Friends

I figured I could dabble

In championship Scrabble.

Then he played “Krypterqu”

For 502.

Now I just play with the rabble.


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When You Should Have Stopped After The First Weird Limerick

If you grew a six-foot long beard

You’d probably think it was weird

But after a while

You’d probably smile

And think “This ain’t as bad as I feared.”

And if a six-foot beard grew you

It would not know what to do

Because shaving’s a pain

And beards don’t have a brain.

These dilemmas are why I’m not a jew.

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Guest Poem By JJ Abrams (Almost)

What do you call a shark with no eyes

Or an angel pouring red wine?

The answer’s big-budget

But in the end I just fudge it

‘Cause I couldn’t think up a punchline.

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I’m Neither Micro Nor Soft… If You Know What I Mean

I once saw a lass dressed in lace

Who had the most beautiful face.

I said “please don’t hate

“But my name’s Windows 8.”

Then I asked “Can I crash at your place?”

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Risk vs. Reward?

If you met a murderous clown

When you’re out for a night on the town

And they bought you a drink

What do you think?

Should you take it or turn Snuggles down?

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A Spartan Limerick

Imagine that after a battle

You found an Athenian child with the cattle…

The adopter would be thanked

But if the kid couldn’t be spanked

The adopters are up a Greek without a paddle.

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21st Century Music

There once was a popular band

Whose singer was pretty but bland.

The sales started to fall

Until for one and all

She showed off a mammary gland.

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