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Remember The Instigators

Today we thank the eager few

Who gave their lives for me and you,

Who walked through fire, blood, and steel

Knowing well how it would feel,

Enduring all put in their path,

Both human fear and nature’s wrath.

They kept their word and walked the walk

‘Cause politicians wouldn’t talk.

Tomorrow we will thank the few,

Among their number maybe you,

Who stood their ground and bravely said

“We do not want our children dead.”

“We do not need what others own.

We welcome strangers to our home.

The cause of each and every war

Are those in whom our power we store.”

Today remember soldiers late

So those to come won’t share their fate.

There’ll be no “Those who came before”

When humankind says “no” to war.

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Memorial Day

Today we honor those who died
By doing what they would have done.
We barbecue and drink a few
And hopefully sit in the sun.

And perhaps you visit some graves
And leave your flowers, coins, or tears
To remember the brave who served
Over many hundreds of years.

But we also ought to recall
The causes that lead to each war.
Ask if the state of our nation
Was what all those headstones fought for.

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