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When You Feel Invisible At Your Job

Shinji-San, as your boss

It is my job to say

I haven’t seen you working

Since at least last Saturday.

I haven’t seen you punching in,

I haven’t heard your voice,

And so I called you in today

Because I have no choice…

I’m giving you a pay raise

And your choice of special perk.

You’re a fantastic ninja

And I hope to see less good work.

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An Absence Of Violent Friends

I know a few ninjas

And I know a few knights

Who go to the park

And fly fancy kites.

Ask them for a teaspoon

And they’ll give you a cup.

They’re great ’til you need

To f*** someone up.

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When Dreams Can’t Come True

Her grew up studying ninjitsu.

He thought it would be fun

To join the teenage mutant turtles,

But he was 21.

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