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The Non-Holiday Season

‘Twas the night before Monday

And all through the nation

There were people in need

Of another vacation.

They’d worked all their lives

Forty hours or more,

Fighting tooth and nail

For a new higher score.

The cost of the score

Was not steep if you count

Sanity and free time

As a meager amount,

And so they awoke

To commute and check out

And that, my dear kids,

Is what work’s all about.

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Time And Suffering

Today we got to experience twice

The hour of 1:00 AM.

As hours go, it was very nice

And my sleep was remarkably REM.

Tomorrow I get to experience once

The hour of butt-crack-of-dawn

So I sign off this poem with the word “dunce”

And a working man’s 8:00 PM yawn.

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A Depends-able Workers

My boss said I’m incompetent

Because I visit the bathroom a lot.

Then I developed incontinence

And now visit that room I do not.

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The Weaker Poetry Bloggers, One Year Into The Apocalypse… #Weak

‘Twas on a night near end of Spring

When I was asked to write a thing

Describing how the flowers bloomed

Even though humanity’s doomed.

“Roses are red“, so started my verse

“And violets are blue, unlike that hearse.”

And then I decided since I’d end up dead

To quit writing poems and play golf instead.

So wrote a lesser poet just days

Before he was eaten by the undead horde.

When apocalypse comes, I’ll struggle in ways

But never complain that, when writing, I’m bored.

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Ode To Retiring At 65

I got through a day that was difficult

Like climbing the face of a hill

By sacrificing the strength if my body

And exercising my will.

Long are the days that I labor

But worthy are arduous climbs,

Or so I thought ‘til I realized

I have to do this 11,000 more times…

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Yeah, Like My Coworkers Read My Blog… 😂

There once was a poet at work

(I’m at lunch, so naught do I shirk).

I ate quickly so

I cranked out a po

Em. How’s that for a quirk?

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Happy 18th Birthday?

Today I worked an eight-hour day

And did not feel blue

Until I finally realized

I must tomorrow too…

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The REAL Home Office

If, instead of cubicles,

We gave all employees

Their own private bathroom

And a set of private keys

So they could sit on porc’lain throne

And work at the same time

Productivity would go up

By a factor of eight or nine.

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Why IT Folks Have The Best Job Security

You hear me say, you hear me holler:

“Another day, another dollar.”

My boss says hey, my boss says “So,

“We bought a bot. You got to go.”

So I reply, so I concur:

“I don’t know why, but I guess sure.”

Then I left with a smile, since

My boss bought the bot from a Nigerian prince.

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When Your Job Blows, But You Don’t

I’m inspired by that hand dryer

That’s supposed to blow the air

So the water that was on your hands

Is, well, no longer there

But it one day just decided

“I don’t like this anymore,

“So let them press my button

“And then remember what pants are for.”

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