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Dr. Strangelove 2, Or How The Bomb Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Herself

I wanted to ask a guy to the prom

But alas I’m a thermonuclear bomb.

Were I to go out in a pretty pink dress

I’d make the whole world feel considerable stress

And instead of the dancing and sighing and kissing

Everyone would shout “Hey, there’s a warhead that’s missing”

And before I’d say “Chill guys, you’re all being dumb”

They’d put me back with the uranium.

And so in my bunker I cry and I dream

Of a man who will see me for more than I seem,

Who’ll sweep me away for one memorable night

Even though afterwards the world won’t be alright…

But maybe a man cannot make me complete

And instead I’ll be happy as radiant heat?

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Naked Prom

Gyration of the eyes and hips,

The longing of a thousand lips,

A table full of pop and chips,

And me there in the corner.
Five-hundred pairs of dancing shoes,

A playlist full of swing and blues,

And I’m in naught but tennis shoes

For lack of an adorner.
A dozen spinning disco lights,

Glow rods in their flinging flights,

Cast shadows o’er my lack of tights.

I pray I’m not discovered.
A shrieking piercing through my head!

I feel like I’m made of lead,

As I awaken in my bed

Where, yes, I am uncovered.

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Prom Baby

I picked her up at seven
Going to the promenade.
She was dressed in a vermillion gown
Wrapped tightly ’round her bod.

I gazed into her emerald eyes.
My heart was thumping madly.
That evening’s when I realized
I was going to be a Daddy.

(It’s great to be back after six months. Long live the mediocrity)!

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