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We’re All The Same… Now Obey Me

One of the wonderful aspects

Of writing poetry

Is seeing how total strangers

Find a common way to see.

We all saw the red wheelbarrow,

And the raven to all of us did quoth.

We all like green eggs and ham

Without needing to try both.

So go on and like this poem.

You’ll feel great if you do

And everyone who likes it is your friend.

With that shameless plug, toodaloo!

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Sex is a service.
It takes lots of work,
But it’s a pretty good job
With its fair share of perks.

Sometimes it’s hard,
(And we hope that it is).
It needs some of hers,
And it needs some of his.


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Prom Baby

I picked her up at seven
Going to the promenade.
She was dressed in a vermillion gown
Wrapped tightly ’round her bod.

I gazed into her emerald eyes.
My heart was thumping madly.
That evening’s when I realized
I was going to be a Daddy.

(It’s great to be back after six months. Long live the mediocrity)!

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Excuse for the 11:57 Poem

Did stand-up tonight

Thus this rushed little haiku.

My apologies.

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