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When, in poems, rhyming’s done

Most people think its lots of fun

But in day-to-day conversing

I notice the trend of fun reversing.

It’s as if, when someone speaks

And you interject a word like “creaks”

The custom of matching final phonemes

Becomes less fun than it, in poetry, seems.

So whenever people get in a huff

When my replies happen to rhyme with their stuff

I’m glad to use this blog as a replacement

For talking to people outside of my basement.

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Travesty for a 16-Year-Old

Sometimes it seems

Like rhyming doesn’t matter

But it does

Or, like, whatever.

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Stay Tuned

It would be great to write a poem

About someone named “Heigl.”

What other name can be pronounced

To rhyme with Beagle and Bagel?

But all the Heigls that I know

Do not like dogs or bread,

So I’ll settle for “Smythe,” and rhyme

With Myth and Lithe instead.


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