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The Simple Life

Steve the fish lived in a dish

(A bowl, to be precise).

He shared his private windowsill

With two ex-lab mice.
When the mice stopped eating cheese,

Steve was not perturbed.

When they sprouted fangs and wings

He still was not disturbed.
And when the ex-lab mice escaped

To terrorize the Earth

Steve swam in circles happily

And reminisced about his birth.
And when the Earth went up in flames

And did finally dissappear,

Steve the fish was satisfied

With his one long, happy year.

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How to Fly

I asked a dragon how to fly
And it told me “flap your wings.”
I asked the same of a wizard
And he said “use magic rings.”

The fairies said “just do it,”
While the birds chirped “catch the breezy.”
But I went to the airport
‘Cause that seemed a lot more easy.

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