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How To Get Six-Pack Abs In Five Days (Or Something)

When one has blogged as much as I

One comes to realize

A lot of the view’s one’s blog receives

Come not from human eyes

But from advertising robots

That search for stuff that’s trending

Like Biden, Bitcoin, Keto, Xbox,

And how the world is ending.

Make this go viral… I dare you : )

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The Subtle Hintings of a Partially-Loved Poet

This blog of ours has followers

That number 699.

If we can get to 700

That would be so mighty fine

‘Cause if we reach 700

Then a thousand’s pretty close

And that’s a number to be proud of

Whether it is net or gross.

And when we hit a thousand

Followers of this page

Then why not get a thousand more

And make these poems all the rage

And all the poetic hipsters

Can say “I followed it first!”

And by then we’ll have ten thousand

And I’ll be proud enough to burst.

Given time we’ll pass the thousands

And we will be one million strong

And you, follower 700

Will have been there all along.

And if you aren’t convinced yet

By this hypothetical boast

At 700 my parents will love me

And that’s what means the most.

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