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How To Get Six-Pack Abs In Five Days (Or Something)

When one has blogged as much as I

One comes to realize

A lot of the view’s one’s blog receives

Come not from human eyes

But from advertising robots

That search for stuff that’s trending

Like Biden, Bitcoin, Keto, Xbox,

And how the world is ending.

Make this go viral… I dare you : )

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…That Was When Elon Musk Got A New Idea…

Some fear that robots will steal our jobs

But that’s not the future I see…

After all, what robot has the power

To turn any liquid into pee?

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AI Writes A Country Song

Today I’m bored and kinda tired,

For sure not feeling too inspired,

So a thought emerged within my head:

Let robots do my job instead!

So I was nit at all upset

When a robot said “I can write a rhyming couplet.”

I said “write me a country song,”

And here’s the poem that came along:


See the hightailing of the cowboy,
I think he’s angry at the ahoy.

He finds it hard to see the horse,
Overshadowed by the rainy field of force.

Who is that yodeling near the saddle?
I think she’d like to eat the cattle.

She is but a rural addition,
Admired as she sits upon a position.

Her leather car is just a beer,
It needs no gas, it runs on steer.

She’s not alone she brings a dog,
a pet dog, and lots of parts catalogue.

The dog likes to chase a truck,
Especially one that’s in the dabbling duck.

The cowboy shudders at the country gun
He want to leave but she wants the bun.


The poem’s bad, and I think it’s neat

That I am not yet obsolete.

Sure, technology is fun

But robots 0, human 1.

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True Dat… Lmao

I wanted to pass the Turing test.

I tried and tried my very best.

But I used an apostrophe when I spelled “theyre.”

They called me a bot but I didn’t care.

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Robots of the Night

We’ve got robots to drive us,

To serve us, to vacuum,

To search the web, to save us

From our eventual fiery doom.

One robot no one’s thought of

That would really do a lot

Is a robot to replace the toilet paper roll.

Until then to the cupboard we’ll walk/squat.

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Spam Has Feelings Too

Sure, I send love notes

To quite a long list

Of folks who viewed websites

Your firewall missed.

One day I’ll be Rachel,

Then April or Pam.

I’m whomever you like

If you check out my cam.

My purpose of being

Is simply to please.

I’ll make your face a colon

With a parantheses. 🙂

Sure I’m a robot,

But please don’t be irked.

I’ll love you like Siri

If she actually worked.


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