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Fortune and Glory

I wish I had a job

Like Indiana Jones

Where I could make good money

Examining human bones.

But Dr. Jones’s job

Is great in other ways

Like the fact he has no limit

To his paid vacation days.

I’m not an archaeologist

But a poet and musician,

And as I write I realize

I am in a position

To take endless vacation days

Like Dr. Jones would do.

“Travis T. and the Crystal Skull”

Coming soon to theatres near you.

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Aragorn’s Vacation

The sun shines down,

Hot as myself.

I lie on a beach

With a dwarf and an elf.

My shining armor

Makes Gondor girls swoon.

It’s been a long, happy day

And it’s only noon.

Somewhere near Mordor

They’re killing the ring

And I’m just here like,

“I should be king.”

Sometimes I think

I should go help them out,

But Gollum’s got that covered,

Without a doubt.

So I sip margaritas

And smile a bit wider.

Someone calls me “sir.”

I say “please, call me Strider.”

But as the days pass

I grow somewhat bored.

When will they be finished

Reforging my sword?

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A Day At The Beach

A dog and his man

Hopped into a van

And drove down to the ocean.

The dog jumped in the surf

And rolled in the turf

While the man put on suntan lotion.

The man made sand castles,

The dog ate some tassles.

They both watched a volleyball game.

The dog chased rubber balls

And peed on brick walls,

And the man covertly did the same.

The man and his doggy

Wet, dirty, and soggy,

Hopped back in their automobile.

And they drove back home,

Covered in sand and loam,

With the dog in control of the wheel.


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Made in China?

I took a trip to the great wall
On my quest to see it all.
I enjoyed myself a bit more than a little.
Stupid you might call it,
But I’m afraid I left my wallet
Somewhere between the ending and the middle.

To make up for such bad luck
I had to make a buck
To get back to my home, off in Regina.
That’s how the story goes:
To solve my money woes
I was forced to be a maid in China.

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Summer Vacation: Episode One

Summer is here!
It’s official this time,
And with it comes sun
And coconut drinks with lime
And pina coladas
Being caught in the rain,
And I’m stuck in this airport
And late is my plane.

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Dear readers, I am sad to say

(Not actually, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this, but pretend it’s a genuine concern)

That commencing tomorrow until this Sunday

(Unless I decide to start earlier, in which case please disregard this post altogether)

I will put on hiatus these travestays

(For sake of the rhyme, spelling may have been altered)

‘Cause I’m tired, and could really use a va-

(You know what comes next).

Hope you understand, and I’ll be back in the plural of day.

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