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Golden Slipper

I slipped on a banana

And fell on my butt

And it excited me

Because you know what?

Everyone told me “you’ll never

“Be yogurt” but I fought ‘em

And now look at me!

I’ve got fruit on the bottom!

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Origin Story

There was a farmer’s daughter,

And Gertrude was her name.

She didn’t turn out all that great.

Perhaps her parents were to blame?
Her smile was like curdled milk,

All thick and full of germs.

She ate the milk that fermented

With her best friends, the worms.
One worm in particular

Was a rapper by his trade.

One day he greeted her, “Yo Gert!”

And history was made.
So when you eat your Dannon,

Yoplait, Greek, or normal,

Remember Gert and the gangsta worm

And don’t be so darn formal.

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