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Preservation of Mass

You were the light of their life,

A celestial body just for them,

But there were a billion stars

Brighter than you.

Your heart was a mountain,

Climbing to the sky,

But roads need gravel

And miners need jobs.

You were the wind and the water,

The rabbit and the fox,

The fish and the hook

And you fed them for a day.

Stars burn out,

Roads are passed by,

Winds stop blowing,

Foxes stop chasing,

And when its dark and still

And you forget what you were,

How you burned and grew

And bit and blew,

You’ll become a part of the world

You thought you were above;

A spark, a stone, a cell, a drop,

What you always were

And always did:


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Don’t Worry: None Of This Crap Is True (Except the Punchline)

My bones ache,

My pores burn,

My very innards

Are a’ churn.

Exhaustion sets

My hair ablaze.

I do approach

The end of days.

I’m dehydrated

As I ask you

Why wouldn’t I

Stay up ’til 2:00?

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