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Afternoon People Are Fine Though

As you read this poem

You may look upon your clock

And see either the morning’s tic

Or else the evening’s tock.

I have advice to share with you

Be it the eve or morning;

First for my evening readers, I

Do share this somber warning:

For those whose work and leisure lasts

‘Til late at night like me

You run the risk of starting a blog

Of petty poetry.

But for the morning readers

Perhaps you’ll ponder thus:

How have you time to read crap

Writ by evening folk like us?

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Evening Haikus

Nightfall comes upon

My body. It’s dark and long…

But no homo, ‘kay?


Everything is dark,

Quiet, calm, the world at peace.

Then I stub my toe…


I should be asleep

But instead I’m writing jokes

About dicks and pain.

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The Night Club

‘Twas deep in the evening,

Way the heck into night.

Unlit things were dark

And dark things weren’t light.

It was nothing like morning,

Like super late afternoon,

And she’s talked like this all evening

And I hope this date ends soon.

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And We All Know What Happens Next…

I’m sleepy, you’re sleepy.

We want to rest our heads

On pillows of fake feathers

On man-made plastic  beds,

To cover up our bodies

With decorative textile sheets,

To halt electric lumination

And slow down our heartbeats.

We want our minds to wander

In the land of peaceful dreams

Until we gently are awakened

By sunlight’s gentle beams.

And so we go through the motions

To finally go to sleep,

We close our eyes a moment

And then our phone goes beep…

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Don’t Worry: None Of This Crap Is True (Except the Punchline)

My bones ache,

My pores burn,

My very innards

Are a’ churn.

Exhaustion sets

My hair ablaze.

I do approach

The end of days.

I’m dehydrated

As I ask you

Why wouldn’t I

Stay up ’til 2:00?

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My Evenings In A Nutshell

A few minutes ago

It was ten o’clock

And I yawned as I started for bed.

Now five minute later

It’s midnight

And awakeness is filling my head.

You may think I’m lying,

That physical science

Will prove that this poem’s untrue

But I beg to differ.

It’s a sterling example

Of what late-night Youtube binging can do.


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Tuesday Night

Tuesday night at 10:05

She texted “are you up?”

Tuesday night at 10:16

I cleverly sent back “yup.”

Wednesday morning, 4:08

She wrote me back “me too.”

I heard she found a new “BF,”

And I honestly pity the foo’.

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