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A Historically Accurate Transcription Of Events Preceding The Invention Of The Microwave Oven

In 1920 some guy said

“A thought just poppethed into mine head.”

His peer responded “Tell me sir,

“What thought does cause thine brain to stir?”

Some guy then said, in a manner quite prickly,

“What if I had a box that heated food quickly?”

His peer replied “Your thought is bold,

“But how about heating the plate and leaving the food cold?”

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When You Irradiate Your Meal For Five Minutes But Stop The Microwave With One Second Left So You Don’t Have To Hear The Beep

I put my burger in the microwave,

Turned it on, and walked away.

I heard a helicopter start

And bullets start to spray,

The Marines are hitting Normandy.

This is cooking uncontrolled!

I open the door to fetch my food

And find it nice and cold.

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