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Brown, Sticky, and Fun

I remember a game

I played when I was childish

Where up I’d pick a fancy stick

And proceed to go quite wildish.

It would be, at the same time,

A lightsaber, a gun,

A steering wheel, banana peel,

A ticket: Admit One.

I could walk around the woods

With some tree’s lifeless limb

And make of a day of naught but play,

Walking and swinging him.

Now I’m big and childish

But have less inclination

To go outside and take a ride

On my imagination.

Today I pray to everything

That before I’m old and sick

I’ll meet just five folks more alive

Than my beloved stick.

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Kids These Days

Plodding, panting, galivanting

Amidst the grassy park.

I see a cat. I don’t like that

So I conjure up a bark.
The cat runs off. I’m satisfied

And so I pee and drool.

Then mommy puts the leash back on

And we drive off to school.


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North Dakota

Snow meanders from the sky,
Frozen water from up high.
It makes the children feel alive,
Enrages those who have to drive.

The snow is one foot deep, then two.
Sleds come out, and ice skates too.
Men and angels made of snow
Play with the children from below.

And all alone one child cries
As he comes to realize
That Californian girls and boys
Don’t get to share these little joys.

Then he gets comfort from his Dad.
Guess North Dakota’s not that bad.

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The Importance of Play

It’s good to be a kid
Like all of us once did,
And I think we really ought to do it more,

‘Cause maturity’s alright,
And the world may be a fright,
But without some fun it’s nothing but a bore.

So kick and throw a ball or dirt
And play until your muscles hurt
And smile and laugh until your face quits its obedience.

You’ve got all the time you need,
To work and sleep and breed,
So try to play today, with great expedience.

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