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Brown, Sticky, and Fun

I remember a game

I played when I was childish

Where up I’d pick a fancy stick

And proceed to go quite wildish.

It would be, at the same time,

A lightsaber, a gun,

A steering wheel, banana peel,

A ticket: Admit One.

I could walk around the woods

With some tree’s lifeless limb

And make of a day of naught but play,

Walking and swinging him.

Now I’m big and childish

But have less inclination

To go outside and take a ride

On my imagination.

Today I pray to everything

That before I’m old and sick

I’ll meet just five folks more alive

Than my beloved stick.

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My Evening Routine

Sometimes I wonder what bumps in the night,

If a leaf feels joy as the wind gives it flight,

How a man feels alone in the heart of a crowd,

If a teacher dreads saying the words “Sperm Whale” aloud.

Sometimes I wonder why I wonder why,

And if I’ll stop wondering after I die.

I smile as these musings run wild through my head,

Then I crank out a poem and go off to bed.

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