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There’s A Guy Who Gets His Ass Kicked In A Dark Alley

Sometimes I lie away at night

Wondering which fancy jackass

Invented the word “pretentious.”

If our positions should coincide

In an unlit walkway between buildings

I’d like to thrust a limb pertaining to my lower body

To the rear-side of the juncture connecting his counterparts of the aforementioned lower-body elements

Purely for hedonic gratification.

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I’m not saying

He was poor,

But he had no knocker

On his door.

He had one fridge

And one garage

And he used paper

In his collage.

He only owned

Twelve pairs of shoes

And rarely ever

Was on the news.

His watch was bought

For less than his car.

Lol! Peasants…

Humbly yours, The Star.

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