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When Your Eternal Soul Is An Introvert

Being human is great

But the best thing to be

Reincarnated as

(According to me)

Is the inside part

Of the roof of a home

‘Cause you aren’t at all sentient

And people leave you alone.



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The End Of A Cycle

The cycle goes around itself,

A blinding dash of red.

The cycle collapses on itself.

Is its rider dead?

The cycle’s wheels roll away

Down the cliff, a stony slide.

The cyclist stands, his bike in shreds…

Last time he’ll text and ride.

Meanwhile the cycle rolls away

To who knows where and when

Until, reborn, the scattered scraps

Begin the cycle again.

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As For Me… I Was A Goldfish

Benny was a hamster,

An upper-middle class rat.

He lived seven years

In a house with a cat.

He suffered anxiety

Throughout his meager years.

Then he was eaten and came back

As a worker at Sears.

This tale is bland

At face-value only.

It’s a tale of courage

Despite being lonely.

I urge you, have compassion

For all that you meet

For in a previous life

They may have been meat. 

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