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The Schmoe Has Chutzpah!

I set my piggy bank on fire

And it burned for seven days.

I threw it at the police

And they murmured their “Oy vey”s.

I watched the burning money fly

Precisely, without fail,

And thus have I invented

The Mazal Tov Cocktail.

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Now I Have An Excuse Never To Run For Public Office!

Here’s to George,

The man who died,

And in so doing

Showed it’s safe outside

To gather en masse

Without pandemic fears.

May he be remembered

When the next “plague” appears!

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Well, That Escalated Quickly…

If someone stomps a snail to death,

Then snails burn down a city,

Why is that conducive to

Making people think snails aren’t shitty?

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