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‘Cause Female Equality, Am I Right? (Plus We Get To See Tom Cruise In A Bikini)

Just once I want to see a film

Where a short male action star

Beats up a bunch of amazons

And never gets a scar,

Pummeling the female goons

With his 5th percentile fists

But we’ll never see that movie

‘Cause sexism exists.

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It’s the “-Archy” Part That Worries Me

We give men all the power

And we see it misused

In the eyes of the women

Who we find abused.

We give women the power

And all over the nation

Are innocent men

Ruined by false accusation.

Whoever’s in power

And however they’re dressed

We find both men and women

Are most often distressed.

When you talk about power

And forget about “who”

To look at the “what”

Then you’ll know what to do.

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Sometimes you call a woman “moody”

Or you call a black guy “thug”

Or you have “check your privilege”

Printed on your favorite mug.

You might call arabs “terrorist”

Or you might call asians “smart”

Or you might subtly look away

From indians painted in Western art.

You may distrust latinos

For as far as you can throw ’em.

You may discount pacific islanders

For not fitting cleanly in a poem.

Have I forgotten anyone?

Of course! Why, silly me…

You may dislike the lgbtq


If you’re opposed to any group

And think they’re weird and lame

Go ahead and voice your feelings

So the snipers know where to aim.

And if I call you stupid

Or dismissively tell you “shoo!”

It’s not because I’m prejudiced…

It’s just that I don’t like you.

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