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We Won… But At What Cost?

The “New World Order” people

And Illuminati really

Missed the point; That making people

Into sheep is kinda silly.

After all, who wants to conquer

A bunch of people dumb enough

To fall for propaganda

As insane as modern stuff?

The Vikings and the Mongols

Had at least old-fashioned pride,

And made sure that their detractors

Fought in wars and mostly died.

But today, old-fashioned values

Like rape and pillage have degraded

To where “rape” means being male

And “pillage” means “medicated.”

And so if all the people

That conspiracies suggest

Cancel all the good among us

And then rule o’er all the rest

I wish them much good fortune

When their conquest is complete.

They’ll starve in perfect harmony

While the cancelled grill their meat.

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This Gender-Swap BS Is Making Me Thor

When I hear Disney the Almighty

Makes a movie about Aphrodite

And Tom Selleck’s the star

(And it isn’t subpar)

Then I’ll sigh and perhaps say alrighty.”


If I want to be Samuel L. Jackson

For Halloween, I cannot.

I can’t on the basis

That blackface is racist,

Or at least that is what I was taught.

But when Marvel takes a Norse God

And make him a random white chick

That’s not a slight

‘Cause he’s already white

And why can’t a Norse God lack a dick?


When someone signals virtue

But obviously have none

Why don’t we call their bluff?

I know I have had enough.

Signed, a white guy with a gun.

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